The Series:

This year will see the Odd Down Winter Series carry series points and prizes for the first time as well as scoring BC points. All points, including those scored in December rounds, will count towards a riders 2018 ranking. The races will score the following BC points:

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Round One:

Unfortunately, British Cycling have decided to downgrade Round One to a Regional C race – as a result there will be no BC points for Round One. This is something that they have imposed upon us and we are disappointed that it has worked out this way. We hope that this will open the opportunity for riders who would be racing on day licences (and therefore would not be eligible for points anyway) to give their first race a go before deciding whether to purchase a full race licence for 2018. Several riders from the Avid Sport team (including myself in the men’s 2/3), particularly in the women’s 4th cat race have already entered to take this opportunity to take their first racing steps. We appreciate all the support that local riders have given the racing at Odd Down over the last few years.

Round Two onwards:
1st 10 points (3 points if less than 10 riders in race)
2nd 8 points (2 points if less than 10 riders in race)
3rd 7 points (1 points if less than 10 riders in race)
4th 6 points (0 points if less than 10 riders in race)
5th 5 points
6th 4 points
7th 3 points
8th 2 points
9th 1 point
10th 1 point

The following series points will also be allocated to each race – full points will be awarded for each position even if there is a small field. Series points will count for all races including Round One and a rider’s best eight rounds will count (two byes):

All other races 4th cat only races
1st 50 30
2nd 45 25
3rd 40 20
4th 35 15
5th 30 10
6th 25 9
7th 20 8
8th 15 7
9th 14 6
10th 13 5
11th 12 4
12th 11 3
13th 10 2
14th 9 1
15th 8
16th 7
17th 6
18th 5
19th 4
20th 3
21st 2
22nd 1


Series Prizes will be awarded to riders based on their points total accumulated across their best eight rounds of the series. This is an equal prize fund for both the women’s and men’s series.

Series winner £100
2nd place £75
3rd place £50
4th place £40
5th place £30
6th place £25
7th place £20
8th place £15
9th place £15
10th place £15
11th place £10
12th place £10
13th place £10
14th place £10
15th place £10
Best 40 years+ £20
Best Junior £20
Best team £20