Tom Taylor and Jenson Harris, ready for the start alongside future Avid Sport riders Lewis Baldwin and Dylan Cherruault

True cyclocross weather in Keynsham

Tom Price – the old railway embankment was the main obstacle on the course

Helen Kuhlman in her first race for Avid Sport

Dylan Cherruault will be racing for Avid Sport in 2019

Tom Price (L) and Euan Taylor (R) – this was Euan’s last race for Avid Sport as his riding career develops further into 2019

Tom Taylor – The conditions made the course a challenge of skill and balance

The mud made even the simplest corner treacherous

The rain had made the sandpit barely an inconvenience

Tom Taylor took the win to become U14 regional champion. Dylan Cherruault joined him on the podium and will be looking to climb even higher next year.