Odd Down Summer Series – Week One Wrap

Photo: Gemma Stephenson

 For series standings, see below

Teamwork makes the dream work as the bigger squads leverage their numerical advantage

Both the men’s and women’s senior races were dominated by aggressive team tactics in the first round of the Odd Down Summer Series. Bristol RC’s James Phillips took the win from a breakaway that featured his teammate Andy Edwards in the men’s race and Winter Series overall winner Lauren Johnston (Avid Sport) capitalised on team support in the chasing bunch to take her attack from the gun all the way to the win.

The men’s races on Tuesday were run in the tougher weather conditions, with the wind ripping the group to pieces in both races, almost a staple for racing at Odd Down in the last few seasons. Bristol RC were able to make the most of this opportunity to lock the race down along with Bikestrong-KTM and dictate the racing to the rest of the bunch. They didn’t have it all their own way though, with Bath CC and Portishead CC also having good number in both races, and these teams got their reward with Portishead picking up second place in both men’s races (Simon Gaywood & Ben Jones). Bath CC’s Duncan Lancashire was the final rider on the podium in the 2/3 race. Sam Lindsay took the win in the 4th cat race, with Alan Adams (University of Bath CC) finishing behind Jones in third.

There was the largest ever women’s field at Odd Down on Thursday, split into three races. The 4th cat race was dominated, as expected by India Lee. She rode away from the field at the recent Somer Valley CC event and pulled the same trick again this time. Behind, the bunch were also racing aggressively, with the bunch splitting into three groups and the Army Cycling Union dominant in the first chasing group behind Lee. Their riders were able to lock out the rest of the podium spots with Sophie Barnes finishing ahead of Stephanie Parsonage.

The Vets’ race was also raced hard, splitting the race into two groups with Miriam Whitehurst (Somer Valley CC) confirming her status as the only 2nd cat rider in the race, taking the win ahead of Maria Powell (Radeon BikeScience). In the chasing group, the VeloVitesse riders had the upper hand, with Amanda Karlsson and Karen Whyte taking third and fourth ahead of Karen Spiteri (Avid Sport).

The women’s E/1/2/3 race flew out of the start, with Johnston’s early moved marked instantly by Charlotte Berry (VeloVitesse). The chasing bunch were not letting them go easily however, and Forever Pedalling lead the chase for the first four laps, with the gap hovering between three and five seconds. The leaders did not desist however, and as their teammates’ presence in the main group began to weigh on the pursuers the gap slowly grew. Lucy Driver (Forever Pedalling) went to bridge but the pair were out of reach and soon the peloton were racing for fourth.

Berry is a well-established sprinter, and it looked to be advantage to the VeloVitesse rider as the final laps approached. Berry had got the better of Johnston at Ashton Down in April, but Johnston had learnt from the experience and now according to Berry “used my own tricks against me” and got herself in prime position on Berry’s wheel going into the sprint. Johnston had just enough to overhaul Berry with metres to go before the line, and Driver confirmed her position as the strongest rider in the bunch behind as she leapt clear before the finish to take third.

Series Standings:


Position Name Team Series Points
1 James Phillips Bristol RC 50
2 Simon Gaywood Portishead CC 45
3 Duncan Lancashire Bath CC 40
4 Jake Hollins 35
5 Paul Jones Bikestrong-KTM 30
6 Sam Lindsay 30
7 Andy Edwards Bristol RC 25
8 Ben Jones Portishead CC 25
9 Nathan Hallett Latchem Sunwise 20
10 Alan Adams 20
11 Rob Hardyman Forever Pedalling 15
12 Tom Allport University of Bath CC 15
13 Tom Sharp Bristol RC 14
14 Simon Worsley Cheltenham and County CC 14
15 Dave Tilling BPF Cycling 13
16 Christopher Chapman Bristol South CC 13
17 Conor Chandler Primera TeamJobs 12
18 Simon Hunt 12
19 Robert Abraham Bikestrong-KTM 11
20 Lewis Whitcombe Webbs 1902 CC 11
21 Deacon Cutterham Bikestrong-KTM 10
22 Peter Wyatt Portishead CC 10
23 Rob Borek Forever Pedalling 9
24 Martin MacDonald Bath CC 9
25 Jeff Lawrence Salt and Sham CC 8
26 Mark Hardyman VC Walcot 8
27 Daniel Carr Salt and Sham CC 7
28 Finn Hannersley Ross CC 7
29 Steven Whitehurst Somer Valley CC 6
30 Samuel Whitehead Bristol South CC 6
31 Joe Griffiths Torq Performance 5
32 Anthony Smith Portishead CC 5
33 Oliver Beresford VC Venta 4
34 Matthew Carey University of Bristol CC 4
35 Liam Cahill Somer Valley CC 3
36 Carl Rose Ely Race Club 3
37 John Russell Bristol RC 2
38 Matthew Dewey Complete Cycle Works 2
39 Christopher Hill Bristol RC 1
40 Luke Craddock Spokes BPC Racing 1
41 David Guy Bristol South CC 1
42 Steven Cottington Bath CC 1
43 Michael Bradbury Bikestrong-KTM 1
44 Michael Davis Bikestrong-KTM 1
45 Harry Tucker Avid Sport 1
46 Jack Phillips Salt and Sham CC 1
47 David Stoyle Bath CC 1
48 Darren Gardner Bath CC 1
49 Peter Phillips Bath CC 1
50 Mark Pettitt Portishead CC 1
51 Jos Kertzman Bath CC 1
52 Russell Peace BPF Cycling 1
53 Darren Edwards Bath CC 1
54 Joe Cierpik 1
55 Michael Holding 1
56 Steven Marsh Portishead CC 1
57 Dan Hopes Rapha Cycling Club 1
58 Matthew Lloyd Pontypool RCC 1
59 Harry Woodman VC Walcot 1
60 Mark Kemp 1
61 Thomas Constantine 1
62 Benjamin Elkins-Green Salt and Sham CC 1
63 Aron Jarvis 1
64 Paul Enderson 1
65 Christopher Featherstone Bristol RC 1
66 Christopher Humphreys Carpe Diem CC 1
67 Richard Pattermore 1
68 Paul Ashman Recycles RCC 1
69 Michael Withers Portishead CC 1
70 Paul Smith Thornbury CC 1
71 Nic Meadows Somer Valley CC 1
72 Paul Thompson Wellington Wheelers CC 1
73 Sasha Smith Portishead CC 1
74 John Airey Ross CC 1
75 Stefan Golledge 1


Pos Name Surname Team Points
1 Lauren Johnston Avid Sport 50
2 Charlotte Berry VeloVitesse 45
3 Lucy Driver Forever Pedalling 40
4 Molly Hodges Avid Sport 35
5 India Lee Hargroves-Ridley-Montezuma’s 30
6 Stephie Prince VeloVitesse 30
7 Miriam Whitehurst Somer Valley CC 30
8 Sophie Barnes Army Cycling Union 25
9 Megan Dickerson Forever Pedalling 25
10 Maria Powell Radeon-Cycology RT 25
11 Stephanie Parsonage Army Cycling Race Team (ACRT) 20
12 Aimee Parsons Avid Sport 20
13 Amanda Karlsson VeloVitesse 20
14 Elizabeth Sanders University of Exeter Cycling Club 15
15 Rebekah Nash University of Bristol 15
16 Karen Whyte VeloVitesse 15
17 Lucy Rowe DAS RAD KLUB 14
18 Alexandra Sheehan Bianchi Dama  14
19 Karen Spiteri Avid Sport 14
20 Jen Horton UCY 13
21 Heidi Blunden The Racing Chance Foundation 13
22 Sally Crocker Salt & Sham Cycle Club 12
23 Rosie Nunnerley DAS RAD KLUB 12
24 Claire Lawrence Sodbury Cycle Sport 11
25 Lauren Booth Camac Planet X 11
26 Joanna Goodhead Avid Sport 10
27 Nicki Carr Tri UK 10
28 Deborah Sterling 9