Separate Prizes for each category.

Each category of 4th/3rd and 2nd will have their own series standings and associated prize money.

Riders who move category during the series will remain in the series standings for the category they compete for the first time in. E/1st riders will be eligible for the 2nd category series prizes.







All rounds to feature two women’s races and two men’s races.

After proving successful in the summer, there will be two women’s races at every single round this winter.








Two weeks with 3/4 and E/1/2 races.

Rather than only offering 4th cat and 2/3 races, this winter there will be two weeks where the 4ths can experience racing with the 3rds and the 3rds will get a break from the 2nd cats! This will be for both the men’s and the women’s races; Rounds 3 and 5.






Full series discounted entry.

Riders who want to race all eight rounds can enter the whole series in advance for £10 per round.